Faraon iz Ilice je mrtav!

Prvi slučaj Edvine pl. Podolsky

Keops-Ra, the self-proclaimed psychic, a false prophet inspired by the Egyptian gods, comforter and seducer of women was found dead in the hall where he received his female fans. The police that after the introduction of 'šestjanuarske' dictatorship, too preoccupied with the liquidation of political opponents, does not pay particular attention to the murder, but young Edwin Podolsky for reasons of his own, decides to unravel the tangle of mysterious connection. In cooperation with inspector Lapčević he searches Zagreb's jazz-era parties, swim centers and car exhibitions, but also frightening and sad slums behind the "Esplanade", for motive for that, and other unusual and brutal murders.


  • Surname: Vuković Runjić
  • Name: Milana
  • Publisher: 24sata
  • Published: 2015
  • City: Zagreb
  • Country: Croatia
  • Language: Croatian


  • ISBN: 9789533232539
  • Created: Monday, 20 June 2016
  • Pages: 144
  • Dimensions: 15
  • Edition: Prvo
Milana Vuković Runjić

Milana Vuković Runjić

Milana Vuković Runjić rođena je 1970. u Zagrebu. Na Filozofskom fakultetu magistrirala je književnost. Objavila je deset...


Marc 21

=LDR  00000nam  22000004a 4500
=001  ZaZK
=003  HR-ZaZK
=005  20160620000000.0
=008  160620s2015\\\\ci \\\\\\\\\\\001\0\hrv\\
=020  \\$a9789533232539$c€9.90
=040  ##$aHR-ZaZK$cHR-ZaZK
=100  1#$aVuković Runjić, Milana.
=245  10$aFaraon iz Ilice je mrtav! :$bPrvi slučaj Edvine pl. Podolsky  /$cVuković Runjić Milana.
=260  ##$aZagreb :$b24sata,$cc2015.
=300  ##$a144 p. ;$c15 cm.
=980  ##$b€9.90 $fHR-ZaZK
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Marc 21H

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=001  ZaZK
=003  HR-ZaZK
=005  20160620000000.0
=008  160620s2015^^^^ci^a^^^^^^^^^|001|0chrv^d
=020  \\$$a9789533232539$$c€9.90
=040  ##$$aHR-ZaZK$$cHR-ZaZK
=100  1#$$aVuković Runjić, Milana.
=245  10$$aFaraon iz Ilice je mrtav!:$$bPrvi slučaj Edvine pl. Podolsky /$$cMilana Vuković Runjić.
=260  ##$$aZagreb:$$b24sata,$$cc2015.
=300  ##$$a144 p. ;$$c15 cm.
=980  ##$$b€9.90$$fHR-ZaZK
=490  1#$$a;$$vvPrvo
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